Maximum speed (VNE) 140Kts
Max range (with std. fuel tank) / *With AGW 342 NM / up to 75 NM
Max endurance (with std fuel tank) *With AGW 3h 36 min
Hover ceiling OGE (ISA) 7,200 ft
* Alternant Gross Weight


Length 40.22 ft
Height 12.8 ft
Main rotor diameter 34.10 ft


Engine type 2 x SAFFRAN ARRIUS 2B2 Plus or Pratt & Whitney PW206B3
MTOW / With AGW 6,570 Ib / 6,834 Ib
Useful load 3,124 Ib
Sling capacity 2,646 IB
Passenger capacity 1 or 2 pilots + up to 6 passengers



Five seats for passenger transport

The two pilot/five passenger configuration is well suited to passenger transport operations. A combination of rear- and forward-facing seating create an environment conducive to conversation or work.



Various configurations for helicopter emergency medical services are possible, depending on operators’ needs. A sample layout of two pilots, stretcher, and two medical attendants leaves sufficient space to administer care and easily load/unload the patient.



Police surveillance

Several configurations are possible for public service and surveillance operations. A typical layout of two pilots and an onboard operator at the console of an electro-optical system leaves cabin space free for cargo or additional equipment.



The two-pilot and three-passenger layout of a sample training configuration lends itself to easy in-flight instruction. Three forward-facing seats just behind the pilots give students or observers an up-close view of the cockpit environment.


Did you know?

Total H135 family civil helicopters delivered around 1,400
Total H135 family civil flight hours 5.5 million
Customers more than 300 in more than 60 countries
Number of H135s in EMS configuration currently in service worldwide more than 670




H135 infographic


Airbus Helicopters Naming Convention

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Airbus Helicopters renamed the majority of its products in 2015 to reflects its own rebranding as Airbus and to provide its customers with a coherent and easy-tounderstand product range.

H135-An outstanding performer

H135 Missions