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Santa flight in a H125
The Claus Family
Santa is coming to town — and he’s riding on an Airbus helicopter
Life Flight Geisinger N480LF
Geisinger Life Flight celebrates 40 years of service
In 2021, Life Flight is celebrating 40 years of providing lifesaving care to critically ill and injured people of Pennsylvania. As a longtime customer of Airbus Helicopters Inc., Life Flight has transported more than 75,000 patients over the past four decades.
Airbus Helicopters helps to drive space exploration
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration operates three Airbus H135 helicopters, which are based at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The storied space exploration agency uses the aircraft for a variety of missions, including aerial security at rocket launches, emergency medical services, research and qualified passenger transport.

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Airbus H125 performance increase
H125 performance increase fully certified in North America
The recent performance increase of Airbus Helicopters’ single-engine H125 helicopter has received certification from both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the U.S. and Transport Canada (TCCA) in Canada, making it now fully certified and available to all North American customers.
Pasco County Mosquito Control_Airbus H125
Pasco County, Florida receives 2 new H125s to combat mosquitoes
Pasco County Mosquito Control District in Florida has a new weapon in its fight against mosquitoes — two new Airbus H125s.
Airbus Helicopters Inc. celebrates 10 years of Lakota at Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Aircraft was the First Airbus Product in the U.S. Navy’s Inventory

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