AirbusWorld offers a simplified and streamlined navigation between services, through a number of menus and shortcuts that are accessible from any page. The platform enables greater collaboration with operators through new features, such as an interactive map of Airbus Helicopters' global network of service and training centers, an online catalogue of services and software, and online communities that foster open dialogue.

What’s new for AirbusWorld?

A new way to navigate:

The intuitive navigation is based on customers’ feedback, and is focused on simplicity, efficiency and B2C digital habits. The grid menu allows for the users' main services and shortcuts to be available throughout the platform.

New collaborative services such as:

  • Communities - one of the first generation of collaborative services, where customers can join communities (3 types: Product / Event or Project)
  • A new online marketplace for eOrdering
  • Digital log cards

Mobile solutions:

  • Technical Data goes mobile with O.R.I.O.N. – the technical publication reader that is accessible both online and offline, providing harmonized information for both web and mobile services. The feature’s enhanced search engine enables users to find refined results, according to their operational needs
  • Customer Request - users can create their own Customer Request instantly, on their mobile phone or tablet


Additional services include:

  • Showroom - AirbusWorld's online catalog where customers can learn all about Airbus Helicopters services and software in one unique place
  • Global Presence – to help customers find the nearest Airbus Helicopters and/or Airbus Helicopters Support & Services distributor, Airbus Helicopters Maintenance and Repair Centre, or Airbus Helicopters Training Center




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AirbusWorld is a collaborative platform, offering simplified and streamlined navigation between services through menus and shortcuts accessible from any page.

General terms and conditions

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The GTC must be accepted online by a legal representative within your company. Each future AirbusWorld user must read the GTC before gaining access to the service.


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