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Commercial Aircraft

2550 Wasser Terrace, Suite 9000

Herndon, Virginia, 20171, UNITED STATES 


Tel. +1 703 834 3400

Airbus Helicopters, Inc.

2701 N. Forum Drive

Grand Prairie, Texas, 75052, UNITED STATES

Tel. +1 972 641 0000

Airbus U.S. Space & Defense, Inc.

1525 Wilson Blvd, Suite 500

Arlington, Virginia, 22209, UNITED STATES

Tel.  +1 703 312 2300


Airbus Vulnerability Handling and Disclosure


Airbus is strongly committed to the safety and security of Airbus products and services.

Feel free to contact us if you want to report security issues within Airbus products, services or offerings.

Note: Customers and users of Airbus products or solutions should contact Airbus Customer Services to report issues discovered in Airbus products and offerings.

Security Vulnerability Submission by Email

Vulnerability information can be extremely sensitive. When using email to report potential security issues to Airbus encrypted communication channels are highly appreciated.

Please use the following Airbus PGP public key

Contact details:

Email address:

PGP Fingerprint: 7C7B 0200 6697 ABE3 3DB3  A3F5 C132 BA7A 4B0F EEE4

Please include a brief description of the issue identified, including what was attempted and the result. If you are able to provide additional information regarding the affected Airbus product, service or offering, it will also be beneficial for our investigation.

We will endeavor to respond as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.