Technical group


After Hours Technical Support (Before 8 a.m and after 5 p.m, Weekends and Holidays)

Phone: +1 800 232 0323



Ken Arnold

Manager, Field Services

Mike May

AS350/H125, H130, AS355, H120

Cory Shippen

AS350/H125, H130, AS355, H120

Kenneth Lytle

H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Brandon Crawford

AS350/H125, AS355, H130, H120

Dave Vogel

H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Felicia Brown

Database Administrator

William Welch

Avionics & Autopilot Systems

Gregg Young

Avionics & Electrical Systems

Ala Ramadan

AS365, H155, H215, H225

Mike Mattler

H130, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Regional technical representatives


Winston Allart

Air Methods Corp.

Bill Biddlecome

Southwest – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

Chris Breaux

S. Central (incl. GOM) – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

Tom Brown

West – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

Cambren Davis

Southeast – H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Scott Dodge

Northeast – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

Dave Dunstan

West – AS350/H125, AS355, SA341, SA315/316

Eric Herbst

S. Central (incl. GOM) – H135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Jon Hubbell

N. Central – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355, AS365

Ryan Olsen

West – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

David Palmer

Southeast – H120, AS350/H125, H130, AS355

John Shauger

North Central – H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Steve Smith

West – H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Derek Westphal

West – H135/EC135, EC145/H145, BO105, BK117

Keith Collins

All U.S. – H225/H215/SA330

Jarrod Gregoire

All U.S. – H175, H225

Peter Soderlund

All U.S. – AS365, H155

Technical publications


LaSaundra Hendrix Barnes

Supervisor, Technical Publications Coordinator

Courtney Nguyen

Senior Technical Publications Coordinator


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