Together, we pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. Together, we can maintain a safe and united workplace. 

At Airbus our strength lies in our diversity, and everyone’s well-being is vital not only for our company’s success, but for our customers as well.  

An inclusive company culture means taking the time to educate ourselves on things that we might not understand. It’s about asking the uncomfortable questions and being open to really listening to the answers. It’s about accepting that our differences do not have to divide us, and being open to seeing how these differences do, in fact, make us stronger. It also means showing up and speaking up. 

We can all do our part to join the fight against discrimination and to build more connected communities. 

Making The Workplace More Inclusive and Diverse


Airbus' Employee Resource Groups (ERG's)

The purpose of Employee Resource Groups is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with the organizations they serve. 

They are led and participated in by employees who share a characteristic, whether it's gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, lifestyle, or interest. These groups offer support and help in personal or career development, and they create a safe environment where employees are encouraged to contribute their whole selves.

Pride@Airbus- crop

The Pride@Airbus Employee Resources Group is committed to advance the understanding and inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees and staff throughout the larger organization.


The FullSpectrum@Airbus was created to advance racial diversity and inclusion at Airbus Americas. The program is focused on promoting:

  • Recruitment from a more racially diverse candidate pool which results in hires
  • Staff development and promotion to reflect racial diversity in management and leadership roles within Airbus Americas
  • Campaigns to drive cultural awareness and positive engagements inside and outside of Airbussupporting racial diversity and inclusion to positively impact business growth.
Veterans@Airbus Employee Resource Group
Women Interactive networks

Veterans on a Mission is an Employee Resource Group that aims to support and serve our veterans community at Airbus.  

WIN@Airbus North America is an Employee Resource Group aiming at increasing Gender Diversity and Equity in our company. Its main actions are raising awareness on gender biases, supporting women career empowerment and professional development, and promoting STEM careers toward girls. The group offers a range of events, networking opportunities, business and community outreach initiatives to which all Airbus employees are welcome to participate - both men and women!

Adapt Airbus ERG

The Families@Airbus was created to help Airbus become an employer of choice by supporting Airbus families at large, including family members with whom we share blood and/or love, or anyone who plays a significant role in our members' lives.

ADAPT is an Employee Resource Group which goal is to facilitate wellbeing and mental health discussions among Airbus North America employees.

GenA Airbus ERG

The objective of GenA is to position Airbus as the preferred company for early careers and young professionals while also narrowing the generation gap, all in pursuit of achieving our shared objectives. 


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