More than 100 armed forces worldwide place their trust in Airbus products, making Airbus one of the world's largest suppliers of advanced military helicopters. Airbus not only meets today’s military requirements, covering the entire military operational spectrum, but is also paving the way for machines that meet tomorrow’s needs.



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Airbus and the U.S. Coast Guard - an iconic partnership of more than 40 years
the U.S. Coast Guard contract for nearly 100 MH-65 Dauphin helicopters for short-range recovery missions in 1979. It was the beginning of a new era for the small North Texas aviation company. An era that continues today, and that is set to continue at least into 2040.
Airbus Helicopters Inc. celebrates 10 years of Lakota at Naval Air Station Patuxent River
Aircraft was the First Airbus Product in the U.S. Navy’s Inventory
Airbus to introduce the newest Lakota helicopter to the U.S. Army and National Guard with the UH-72B Lakota
Airbus Helicopters, Inc. will introduce the newest series of its Lakota helicopter to the U.S. Army’s fleet, the company announced today at the 2020 National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) virtual tradeshow.