Airbus Helicopters, Inc. is committed to supporting the development of a sustainable future for our business, our stakeholders and the planet.

As part of that commitment, we work to:

  • Conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner by integrating pollution prevention and resource conservation into our vision, mission, and core values. 
  • Ensure our processes are in compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws/regulations.
  • Continually improve our workplace to reduce environmental risk and commit the resources necessary to achieve environmental compliance. 
  • Develop environmental procedures and goals based on significant environmental aspects and objectives. These aspects, objectives, and goals are communicated throughout Airbus Helicopters, Inc. to enable their use as guidance for planning and operations.
  • Support environmental stewardship and improvement as an integral part of our operation through teamwork, commitment, and awareness. 

Latest developments


The company’s Columbus, Mississippi facility has been accepted into the EnHance Program for exceptional environmental stewardship by the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

Airbus Helicopters Environmental Management Program has been certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard.



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U.S. Locations

Airbus Helicopters North America is fighting for the planet
Airbus Helicopters North America is committed to building a sustainable future, on Earth Day and every day. That’s why Airbus Helicopters is taking a long-term approach to environmental protection — from cutting CO2 emissions to eliminating single-use plastics in local facilities.