Today, Airbus Helicopters is represented through 31 main sites, customer centers & affiliate sites and some 92 MRO service centers. Thanks to this global network, Airbus Helicopters is ready to ensure that aircraft maintenance and upgrade work is completed efficiently, and rotorcraft downtime is limited.




Aircraft maintenance, aircraft repair and on-site assistance

Airbus Helicopters is ready to provide a range of service levels for line maintenance, plus intermediate and heavy maintenance activities – from dispatching experts onsite, to welcoming a rotorcraft at an Airbus Helicopters-certified center.

Line maintenance, which is often completed within a short period of time and does not require specialized equipment, training or facilities, can be performed either on the flight line or onsite at a customer’s premises.

Intermediate maintenance is more often performed at a maintenance center due to the more specialized level of tools, equipment and training required.

Heavy maintenance and major inspections on any Airbus helicopter can be performed either in-house at an Airbus Helicopters-certified maintenance center or directly at the operator’s facilities.

Airbus Helicopters’ global network of approved maintenance centers is located in close proximity to customer facilities to perform these services.

Aircraft maintenance



Airbus Helicopters knows that a rotorcraft may lead multiple “lives” – adapting to new needs and expectations. This is why the company proposes tailored solutions to increase a helicopter's overall performance and reduce its maintenance cost, better preparing it to perform future missions.


Upgrades and retrofit


A wide range of conversions (e.g. AS350 BA/B2) and mid-life upgrades (e.g. glass cockpit) are available to bring aircraft to the latest version, benefitting from innovations and advanced technology, perfectly adapted to customers’ aircraft configuration, and defined by Airbus’ experienced design office teams. Airbus Helicopters also provides repurposing services to adapt aircraft to customers' business needs.

These upgrades give new life to customer aircraft, covering obsolescence, with the added assurance of proven, certified and safe modifications developed by the type certificate holder.

Upgrades and retrofit

Service bulletins and supplemental type certificates


Standard upgrades

Airbus Helicopters proposes a large range of standard upgrade solutions available through its worldwide network, based on service bulletins (SB) and supplemental type certificates (STC). The standardization of such services (including kits preparation and double certification) allows for shorter lead times and greater competitiveness.

The complete and growing range of SB/STC standard upgrades is available on the AirbusWorld collaborative platform, which allows ordering of the associated kits.

Customized upgrades

Airbus Helicopters offers customers a personalized solution, developed according to the as-delivered configuration of their helicopter. This service is also available from the standard upgrades catalogue on AirbusWorld.

Turnkey solutions

With this most comprehensive offer, Airbus Helicopters both designs and installs the upgrades on a customer’s aircraft. This work can be performed either at one of Airbus Helicopters’ certified maintenance centers, or on-site at customer facilities.

Military Support Centers


Dedicated support centers for the German and French militaries

Airbus Helicopters operates military support centers (MSC) for the French and German armed forces. The MSCs’ organizational structures and processes are fully aligned with each customer’s needs and offer an extensive portfolio of services.


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