When Airbus Helicopters customers are in need of assistance, there’s always help close at hand. The company employs a team of technical support professionals (tech reps) who are dedicated to providing technical assistance and help with maintenance planning. And just like our customers span across the U.S. and Canada, so do our regional tech reps.

“Having tech reps based in the regions where our customers are operating allows them to build strong relationships which are important for the success of both the operator and Airbus,” said Niko Szodruch, Vice President of Support and Services for the North America region. “By living in close proximity to our customers, our tech reps are able to react faster to any issues that arise and get them back in the skies faster.”

Airbus Helicopters Inc. maintenance and customer technical support

The close proximity to customers is particularly important in situations where technical challenges result in an aircraft being unable to fly. This was the case recently for an air medical operator, who experienced technical difficulties that left their Airbus helicopter grounded. Fortunately, Scott Dodge was located nearby.

“It’s not uncommon to get a call from a customer who has an issue with their aircraft that they’re struggling to fix, and it may have resulted in it being out of service for a day or two,” said Scott Dodge, Senior Technical Representative for the Northeast Region. “Being located in close proximity to the customer gives me the ability to quickly get to them and assist them on site to solve the issue. When we can get the aircraft fixed more quickly, it can get back to performing the critical missions our customers depend on.”

This ability to quickly respond and assist allows regional tech reps to build strong relationships in the areas they support, often serving as unofficial Airbus ambassadors in those communities. For Dodge, whose love of aviation started from a young age, fostering the next generation’s interest in aviation in those communities is not a responsibility he takes lightly.

“I recognize that younger people who are interested in aviation look up to me,” said Dodge. “It’s important for me to be excited for someone who’s excited to be in aviation, and to show the young aviators that they can achieve their goals.”

While Dodge has earned a well deserved reputation for his mechanical abilities, he recognizes that it takes a team effort to support the diverse range of Airbus customers across the U.S. and Canada. In total, the Airbus Helicopters employs 34 tech reps in North America who work closely together and with other employees throughout the company to meet the needs of our operators. 

“We’re not facing these challenges by ourselves,” said Dodge. “We have this team that will work together to help the customer be successful. Collectively, I know that we can solve any problem.”


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