For 50+ years, U.S. helicopter operators have placed their trust in Airbus.
That trust has made Airbus Helicopters the leading provider of helicopters in the U.S. — and a major contributor to economic growth.

Impact on the U.S. economy

To date, the company has produced more than 1,600 helicopters and trained some 12,250 pilots in support of U.S. military, law enforcement, emergency medical services, utility, tourism and private business aviation operations.

Airbus Helicopters is a division of Airbus, an international reference in the aerospace sector that designs, manufactures and delivers industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, military transports, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as provides data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global scale. Since 1990, Airbus has spent $220 billion with more than 2,100 U.S. suppliers — $42 billion in the last three years alone. That spending helps support 275,000 American jobs in more than 40 states. Additionally, Airbus employs nearly 4,000 direct employees in 47 locations across the country, including Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The Airbus Helicopters division has over 3,000 customers worldwide and has maintained a 52% share of the commercial and parapublic market, with deliveries of 356 helicopters and revenues of $6.8 billion in 2018 alone.

Airbus is now the largest export company for the U.S. aerospace industry and Texas -  location of the North American headquarters for Airbus’ helicopter operations - ranks #1 for employment in the air transportation industry.  Over $160 million is spent each year with industrial partners in Texas, including more than 45 direct suppliers. Airbus Helicopters’ Training Center with the Helisim Simulation Center in Grand Prairie bring upwards of 2,000 people through Dallas-Fort Worth each year, adding over $4 million to the DFW economy annually.


Made in the USA 

Airbus Helicopters Inc. is proud to build the H125 helicopter and U.S. Army UH-72A Lakota Light Utility Helicopter in Columbus, Mississippi by a workforce that is 40 percent U.S. military veterans. We have delivered over 465 plus UH-72 Lakota aircraft to the U.S. Army; all delivered on time, on cost, and on quality.

The company’s Grand Prairie, Texas headquarters are home to customer and technical support, sales and marketing and engineering services.


Military customers

To meet their missions, U.S. military customers turn to Airbus helicopters and Airbus is a major partner in Homeland Security and Defense.

The U.S. Army operates more than 430 Lakota for training and the National Guard, the U.S. Coast Guard protects the seas with more than 100 Dauphin helicopters, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection use upwards of 100 H125 aircraft. 



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