Airbus’ H175 – which belongs to the super medium class of helicopters – offers the best performance in its category, as well as the highest safety levels in all flight modes. 


Technical description



Cruise speed 144 kts
Max range 590 NM
Max endurance 5 hr, 45 min
HOGE @TOP 5,432 ft


Engine type 2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67E
Takeoff power 1,324 kW / 1,776 shp


MTOW 17,196 Ib
EEW (O&G) 10,399 Ib
External cargo 5,950 Ib
Standard fuel tank 4,555 Ib
Passengers up to 18
Pilots 2




16 seats for offshore transport

The two-pilot and 16-passenger configuration is ideal for offshore transport. With comfortable leg room and natural light, flying in the H175 is a pleasure




18 seats for commercial passenger transport

The two-pilot and 18-passenger layout is another option for offshore missions. A capable airlifter with the advantages of a helicopter, this configuration is equally suited to commercial passenger transportation.




Optimized for search and rescue

The two-pilot and six crew member configuration is ideal for search and rescue. Equipped with a SAR operator’s cabin console and stretcher, the crew has ample room to provide first aid during rescues.




8 seats for VIP/corporate travel

The two-pilot and eight passenger seating arrangement is ideal for commuting and travel. With comfortable leg room and onboard data connection, the H175 caters to busy lifestyles.




10 seats for VIP/corporate travel

The two-pilot and ten passenger layout is ideal for commuting and travelling. With comfortable leg room and data connection, flying in the H175 is a pleasure.



H175 Infographic


Airbus Helicopters Naming Convention

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Airbus Helicopters renamed the majority of its products in 2015 to reflect its own rebranding as Airbus and to provide its customers with a coherent and easy-to-understand product range.

Civil Range Brochure Presentation

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