Airbus Helicopters held a ceremony at its booth at the 2019 Air Medical Transport Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, to congratulate STAT Medevac for its role in shaping H135 operations in North America. STAT was the first North American customer for the earlier variant of the H135 family – the EC135 - and this year has become the first in the region to begin operations with Helionix equipped H135 helicopters. The Pennsylvania-based critical care transport provider placed their first three H135s in service in early summer this year.

“Transporting patients with the highest levels of safety is central to our mission and a driving force behind our operations and aircraft acquisitions,” said Doug Garretson, President of STAT Medevac.

The Helionix-equipped H135 gives us the latest technologies to help us provide life-saving critical care transportation to patients throughout Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, New York, Maryland and Washington, D.C.


The acquisition of the latest H135s with Helionix builds upon STAT Medevac’s long-standing commitment to the Helicopter Air Ambulance industry and to Airbus products – the company has exclusively flown Airbus helicopters since commencing operations in 1985 and was the first air ambulance program in North America to operate an early variant of the H135 family in 1997. They were also the first operator of this aircraft in single pilot instrument flight rules (IFR) configuration.

As the clinical arm for the Center for Emergency Medicine of Western Pennsylvania, STAT Medevac is the largest single branded, non-profit medical transport system in the Eastern United States.