Airbus Helicopters continues to be the leading provider of new helicopters for the North American airborne law enforcement (ALE) market, with more than 50 percent of the intermediate/light twin ALE market flying Airbus rotorcraft. An impressive 74 law enforcement agencies across the continent currently operate more than 325 Airbus helicopters, allowing them to efficiently serve their communities.

“This continued market growth is spurred by the many offerings Airbus Helicopters provides to meet the unique needs of law enforcement,” says Ron Kelley, Law Enforcement Segment Manager. “Our law enforcement customers praise the high performance, reliability and versatility offered by Airbus products, which contribute to the H125’s position as one of the most popular police helicopters in the U.S.”

Over the past decade, 75% of all intermediate single-engine law enforcement helicopters delivered in North America have been H125s.

In addition to the H125, the Airbus H145 provides law enforcement with powerful twin-engine performance and reliability. The H145 incorporates the latest technologies, including state-of-the-art Helionix avionics and an advanced dual-duplex, 4-axis autopilot system with auto-recovery mode, providing enhanced situational awareness and safety.

A growing number of police agencies across the country have recognized the unparalleled benefits that Airbus helicopters provide and have opted to modernize their fleets since the start of the year.

  • Metropolitan Nashville Police Department recently purchased two H125 aircraft to replace the MD 500s they had previously operated. The additional power and versatility the H125s provide will benefit officers in the department’s aviation unit as they respond to calls covering both high-density urban locations and rural areas. Deliveries are expected to occur later this year.
  • Kern County Sheriff’s Officehas purchased two H125 helicopters to protect and serve the citizens of its community, which spans roughly 8,100 square miles of diverse terrain in California. The county selected the H125 aircraft because of the helicopter’s ability to operate in a challenging environment and the value it provides. The H125s are expected to replace the department’s MD 500 and OH-58.
  • Riverside Police Department has decided to add two H125 helicopters to its fleet, allowing the department to expand mission capabilities and offer additional services to the Riverside, California community. The department will take delivery of the helicopters in early 2023.
AHI-Riverside Police


  • Baltimore Police Departmentwill upgrade its existing fleet of H120 helicopters to the H125 platform to enhance the department’s public safety efforts. Deliveries of the state-of-the-art helicopters are expected to begin late this year.
  • Phoenix Police Department has opted to replace its fleet of four AS350 B3 aircraft which it acquired in 2005 with a fleet of five H125s. The new helicopters enable the department to protect and serve the local community, excelling in the hot temperatures Phoenix experiences.
Phoenix PD


  • Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Floridarecently added a third H125 aircraft to their fleet, providing a large increase in power and safety for their officers. The helicopters help ensure officer safety during incidents, providing an aerial platform for observation. 
Pinellas County Sheriff


The Airbus helicopters purchased and delivered in 2022 will be a critical tool for law enforcement agencies as they carry out missions including aerial surveillance, command and control, search and pursuit, rescue, and special operations.