APSCON / APSCON Unmanned 2023

Orlando, FL#APSCON23

Elevating Public Safety Aviation


Organized by the Airborne Public Safety Association, APSCON 2023 is a unique event that offers an unparalleled public safety aviation experience, featuring educational events, networking opportunities, and a comprehensive exhibit hall showcasing cutting-edge products and services

Experience the Airbus exhibition area where you can explore innovative public safety aircraft solutions, engage with knowledgeable Airbus experts, and witness our dedication to elevating public safety operations.

Nashville PD H125 AHI

The Airbus H125 in the Airborne Law Enforcement market

In North America, 80 Airbus Airborne Law Enforcement operators fly 330 aircraft. The H125 family, with 1,440+ helicopters in service, leads the intermediate single-engine helicopter market with its exceptional performance and versatility. Over the past decade, H125 models accounted for nearly 68% of all intermediate single-engine law enforcement helicopters delivered in North America.



Elevate Law Enforcement Operations with the H145

Unlock unrivaled law enforcement capabilities with the H145 helicopter. Designed for powerful twin-engine performance and unmatched reliability, it integrates state-of-the-art Helionix avionics and an advanced dual-duplex, 4-axis autopilot system. Enhanced situational awareness and safety are guaranteed for law enforcement missions

Fulfill Airborne Law Enforcement mission efficiency

Topics in focus

Law enforcement agencies upgrade to Airbus H125 helicopters

Law enforcement agencies throughout North America have placed orders for Airbus H125 helicopters, providing them with a valuable…


Law enforcement agencies continue to choose Airbus helicopters for key missions

Airbus Helicopters continues to be the leading provider of new helicopters for the North American airborne law enforcement (ALE)…


Airbus Helicopters to introduce an IFR-capable H125

Airbus Helicopters has launched the development of an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) capability for the H125 in partnership with…


Industry experts providing dedicated support

Meet the team

Our ALE (airborne law enforcement) sales managers bring a wealth of market experience to the table.

They understand the unique needs of law enforcement agencies and offer tailored solutions. From surveillance to tactical interventions, our managers ensure customers have the right tools. Their expertise in helicopters and industry trends enables them to recommend advanced and reliable aircraft. At Airbus Helicopters, we're committed to being a trusted partner in law enforcement's mission to protect and serve.

Ron Kelley and Vince Mascia, Airbus Helicopters’ ALE segment managers for the U.S.

Ron Kelley - Airbus Helicopters’ ALE segment managers for the U.S.

Ron Kelley

Meet the team

ALE segment manager (West) and Federal Sales CBP/DHS

With an impressive background in aviation and law enforcement, Ron Kelley serves as Airbus Helicopters Inc.'s Airborne Law Enforcement Segment Manager for the West region. After graduating from Pearl High School in Pearl, MS in 1982, Ron went on to serve four years in the U.S. Army as a Sergeant, where he attended Ranger School, Airborne School, and participated in numerous leadership courses. He then pursued higher education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, majoring in Aeronautical Science. Equipped with a strong foundation in the field, he embarked on a distinguished 29-year career with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, where he retired as a Captain after serving as Chief Pilot and Director of Air Operations. Since October 2016, Ron has been an invaluable addition to Airbus. bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge of law enforcement operations and aviation. Ron is dedicated to delivering customized solutions that address the distinctive requirements of law enforcement agencies in the western U.S.

Phone: 662-242-4097

Email: ron.kelley@airbus.com

Vince Mascia, Airbus Helicopters Inc.’s Airborne Law Enforcement Segment Manager for the East region

Vince Mascia

Meet the team

ALE segment manager (East) and Federal Sales State Department, DOJ, DEA, FBI, US Parks Police

Vince Mascia, Airbus Helicopters Inc.’s Airborne Law Enforcement Segment Manager for the East region, brings a distinguished background in aviation and law enforcement. As a former Army aviator and an Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration Aviation Division, Vince possesses an exceptional understanding of airborne law enforcement operations. He has flown thousands of aerial surveillance hours over prominent cities like New York and Los Angeles, as well as completed missions in Central America, South America, and Afghanistan. With more than two decades of experience as a helicopter standardization instructor pilot, he has honed his skills in training and evaluating special agent pilots in single and twin-engine helicopters. Vince’s extensive real-world experience allows him to provide law enforcement agencies in the eastern U.S. with tailored solutions for their airborne law enforcement needs.

Phone: 972-809-6127

Email: vince.mascia@airbus.com