Consistent with Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s philosophy to encourage excellence from those who fly and support its rotorcraft, the company has established two awards dedicated to honoring key achievements in U.S. Coast Guard operations.

Information specific to each award – including its criteria, levels and process for qualification – can be found by following the links below:


Coast Guard MH-65 flight hour award


The Airbus Helicopters, Inc. U.S. Coast Guard MH-65 flight hour award has been developed to recognize all crew members’ flight experience in the MH-65. The award is based on hours flown in the MH-65 and qualifying crew members receive a certificate for each level reached.

Eligible crew members include pilot, co-pilot, flight mechanic and rescue swimmer.


Award criteria

  • Award levels are based on number of hours flown in an Airbus Helicopters MH-65 helicopter.
  • Time in both current production and earlier Airbus Helicopters models are valid.
  • Pilots may combine times, if they have experience in flying more than one Airbus Helicopters model.
  • Hours should be cumulative, starting with the crew member’s first flight experience in an Airbus Helicopters MH-65.


Award levels



Entries should be submitted directly to 

Coast Guard maintenance technician award


The Airbus Helicopters, Inc. U.S. Coast Guard maintenance technician award has been developed to recognize the experience and responsibility level of those who keep the U.S. Coast Guard fleet flying. The award is based on a number of factors, which contribute to the overall experience a maintenance technician gains. Qualifying maintenance technicians receive a recognition medallion for their tool box or roll away for each level reached.


Award criteria

  • This award applies to maintenance experience with the Airbus Helicopters MH-65 helicopter.
  • Potential recipients must have, as a minimum, attended the USCG “C” School on the MH-65.
  • Award levels are based on years. Years can be accumulated through actual years of experience as well as added responsibilities. See below
For each full year of experience maintaining the MH-65 helicopter add:1 year
Those who serve (or have served) as a primary QA add:1 year
Those who are (or have been) a Maintenance Control Chief add:1 year



  • The potential recipient has maintained the MH-65 helicopter for 4 years
  • The potential recipient is Maintenance Control Chief


Award levels

5 Years - Airbus Helicopters Certified Technician

10 Years - Airbus Helicopters Senior Technician

15 Years - Airbus Helicopters Master Technician

25 Years - Airbus Helicopters Distinguished Technician


Entries should be submitted directly to

Coast Guard Aeria Virtutis award 


In addition to the Coast Guard flight safety award and Coast Guard maintenance award, Airbus Helicopters, Inc. also offers the opportunity to recognize a Coast Guard aircrew members who conduct a life-saving mission in an Airbus helicopter demonstrating aerial heroism and exceptional skill.

The qualifying criteria is the same methodology used to determine “Life Saved” in ALMIS. The Airbus Aeria Virtutis certificate, tie pin and lapel pin will be provided to air stations upon request.

To learn more about the award contact Ron Tremain at

Coast Guard Lifetime Achievement award


The Airbus Helicopters, Inc. Lifetime Achievement award honors retiring members' distinguished service in the U.S. Coast Guard and dedication to the Airbus MH-65 helicopter. The eligible member receives a certificate. 

Entries should be submitted directly to Ron Tremain at

U.S. Coast Guard awards key contacts

Tamera Rhinehart

Executive Assistant Vice President Customer Support

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Ron Tremain

Exec. Director of Coast Guard Affairs

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