The H215 is a twin-engine, versatile, and robust helicopter that combines advanced avionics and a reliable platform for rugged multi-mission capabilities.


Public services

For law enforcement duties, the H215 can carry a fully equipped SWAT team for deployment day and night, along with a hoist, rappelling and fast-roping beam. With a night vision goggle-compatible cockpit, it also can be fitted with a full de-icing kit, multi-purpose air intakes, electro-optical system, hailer loudspeaker system, cargo sling, and shielding protection.

As a firefighting asset, it can employ a bucket-type water dispersal system or be equipped with a water belly tank.


Passenger transport

The H215’s large interior accommodates 19 passengers comfortably or up to 22 troops, making it ideal for passenger transport. The helicopter also can be used for executive and VIP transport with up to 12 seats, or as a corporate shuttle.

As a head-of-state rotorcraft, cabin layouts can include front and rear lounges, lavatories, along with food service galleys.


Aerial work and utility

In aerial work and utility missions, the H215 offers a cargo sling capacity of up to 4.5 tones, as well as good performance in high and hot conditions. Heavy internal loads are facilitated through large sliding doors that allow bulky freight to be loaded and unloaded, while its rear access facilitates the handling of long loads. The H215’s external mirrors and camera assist the crew during utility work missions.

Certified by civil aviation authorities, the H215 can be configured for firefighter transport.





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