Technical description



Hover ceiling IGE 10,663 ft
Hover ceiling OGE 7,546 ft
Recommended cruise speed 136 kts
Max range with standard fuel tanks at SL 346 NM / 468 NM
Max range with aux fuel tanks 417 NM / 670 NM
Max endurance with standard fuel tanks 3 hr, 19 min / 4 hr, 25 min
Max endurance with SL Aux fuel tanks 4 hr, 02 min / 6 hr, 35 min


D-value 61.35 ft
Rotor diameter 51.18 ft
Cabin Internal volume 402.59 cu. ft / 473.86 cu. f


Crew + passengers / troops Short: 1 or 2 + 17/20 Long: 1 or 2 +19 / 22
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 18,960 Ib
Max takeoff with external load 20,615 Ib
Useful load 8,903 Ib / 8,575 lb
Max External load 9,920 Ib
Standard fuel tank capacity 2,708 Ib / 3,556 lb
Engine type 2 x Safran Helicopter Makila 1A1 Turboshaft
Takeoff power 1,357 kW / 1,819 shp
One engine inoperative (OEI 2 min 30s) 1,400 kW / 1,877 shp


19 passenger transport seats


22 troop transport seats



The two-pilot and 19-seat configuration is adapted for commercial passenger transport and offshore operations. The air-conditioned cabin and energy-absorbing seats in a staggered arrangement increase passenger comfort, while a central “aisle” and large windows impart a sense of space. In its one- or two-pilot configuration with 19-seats, the H215 is well suited for passenger transport duties.


In its troop configuration, the H215 long seats one or two pilots and up to 22 troops on utility seats in a mixed back-to-back and face-to-face configuration. Easier access for equipment and personnel is provided through two large sliding doors in the cabin.



SAR or medevac




In its two-pilot, medical configuration, the H215’s long cabin can accommodate a variety of layouts. A sample configuration includes a stretcher and up to nine seats for cabin crew, including medical attendants, plus patients. Large access doors and unobstructed space provide for efficient cabin operations.


In its two-pilot, multi-stretcher configuration, the H215 is ideal for casualty evacuation (casevac) missions. A number of configurations are possible, with a mix of crew and/or passenger seats or space for up to six stretchers.



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Airbus Helicopters Naming Convention

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Airbus Helicopters renamed the majority of its products in 2015 to reflect its own rebranding as Airbus and to provide its customers with a coherent and easy-to-understand product range.

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