Technical description



Hover ceiling OGE ISA 2,600 ft
Hover ceiling IGE ISA 6,350 ft
Maximun speed, Vne 175 kts
Recommended cruise speed 142 kts
Max range with standard fuel tanks at SL 454 NM
Max range with standard fuel tanks capacity 604 NM
Max endurence with standard fuel tanks SL / Aux Fuel tank 4 hr, 05 min / 5 hr, 36 min
Max altitude flight 20,000 ft (PA)


D-value 63.98 ft
Rotor diameter 53.14 ft
Internal volume 547.30 cu.ft


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + 19 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 24,250 lb (increase up to 24,603 lb)
Max takeoff weight with external load 24,692 lb
Useful load 11,907 lb
Max cargo sling load 10,472 Ib
Standard fuel tank capacity 4,506 lb
Standard + aux. fuel tank capacity 6,108 Ib
Engine type 2 x Safran Helicopter Engines Makila 2A1
Takeoff power 1,567 kW / 2,101 shp
One engine inoperative (OEI 30s) 1,784 kW / 2,392 shp





19 seats for passenger and offshore transport

The two pilot and 19-seat configuration is adapted for commercial passenger transport and offshore operations. The air-conditioned cabin and energy-absorbing seats in a staggered arrangement increase passenger comfort, while a central “aisle” and large windows impart a sense of space.





The two pilot and variable seating configuration is suited to search and rescue (SAR) operations. A sample layout consists of a seating for six in cabin for those rescued and cabin crew including one console operator. For high-volume rescues, the H225 can be configured with up to 18 seats or up to six stretchers.




11 seats for VIP transport

The two pilot and 11-seat configuration is a solution for VIP transport, with a front lounge outfitted with four armchairs, a second area with six comfortably-appointed VIP seats and one flight attendant seat, with room for a toilet. Sound-proofed and air-conditioned, the cabin’s space and quiet benefit both work and having a conversation.




H225 infographic
Airbus Helicopters Naming Convention

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Airbus Helicopters renamed the majority of its products in 2015 to reflect its own rebranding as Airbus and to provide its customers with a coherent and easy-to-understand product range.

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