The H160 opened a new chapter in the history of Airbus helicopters. Joining its rotorcraft product range in a size that is positioned between the company’s H145 and H175, this innovative medium helicopter became the first member of the H generation.

The entire design is based on one overriding goal: to create added value for customers in terms of performance, economic competitiveness, safety, and comfort. With reduced fuel consumption and perceived sound, the H160 is cleaner and quieter than others in its class, and allows customers to take a step towards reducing their environmental footprint.

Mission ready

Configurations being developed include offshore transportation, business and private aviation (known as the ACH160), public services, and commercial passenger transport.


baseline speed white

150 kts

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475 NM


6,050 kg

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Innovation at your service

The H160 is about breakthrough design, providing customers with the highest level of innovation, integrating as many as 68 different patents for a customer step change. The aircraft was developed using three prototypes and two test platforms – the dynamic helicopter zero and the system helicopter zero – to ensure the highest level of maturity ahead of service entry.

This rotorcraft comes with enhanced safety features and sets a new standard for passenger comfort. Innovations include the Airbus-developed Helionix avionics suite for reduced pilot workload, the canted Fenestron® for greater useful load and a flat attitude in flight, and sound-reducing Blue Edge™ rotor blades for quieter operations.

Customers also will appreciate flying more comfortably with an increase in volume per passenger compared to other medium-twin helicopters, as well as larger windows, creating the brightest cabin in its class.


Safety and comfort enhanced

The H160 is one of the world’s most technologically advanced helicopters, designed and built to deliver the highest levels of operational safety while providing unmatched comfort for rotorcraft in its class.

It exceeds the requirements of the latest and most demanding regulations (European EASA CS-29 certification standards) and the most stringent guidelines from the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP 690 and CAP best practices).

For pilots, the all-important situational awareness is significantly enhanced as a result of the H160’s heightened cockpit visibility, along with the helicopter’s flat attitude in all flight phases – including during landing and hovering. Airbus Helicopters’ Helionix avionics suite gives an all-in-one view of appropriate data whenever the flight crew needs it, reducing their workload.

In the cabin, the H160 offers the smoothest ride in all mission applications, from doctors treating MEDEVAC patients to carrying crews out to oil rigs, and flights with VIP passengers. Its cabin is specifically designed to provide a spacious and comfortable environment.  

H160 Fenestron

Enhanced support concept

3D technical publications and easy digital troubleshooting tools give maintenance technicians the information to maintain this aircraft to the highest standards, even far from the maintenance base.

Connected services – such as FleetKeeper, digital logcards, and Flight Planner – enable customers to manage their operations seamlessly.

Equipment locations have been optimized for accessibility, while easy access to the large upper deck, engine access through a firewall panel, and easy removal of engine and main gearbox cowlings are among the H160’s innovations.

With its light maintenance plan aligned between engine and aircraft, the H160 offers optimized operating costs and a new standard in availability.



H160 5bladed

Right economic balance

With low fuel consumption, optimized maintenance costs and faster cruise speed, the H160 paves the way in economic competitiveness when measured against other helicopters in its class.

Fuel consumption is reduced by 15% compared to the previous class of engines for the same operations, while maintenance costs are reduced by nearly 15% on “airframe by the hour” and “service by the hour” options.


Game-changing support

The H160 has been designed to be maintained autonomously, even when far from the maintenance location. This eliminates the need for a return to home base every night.

Its maintenance plan is optimized – with both engine and airframe maintenance plans aligned – and has been defined in partnership with airworthiness authorities as well as operators. Additionally, the H160 has a paperless eco-system with new digital tools for maintenance which offers lower operating costs and a new standard in availability

Equipment locations have also been optimized for accessibility, like an easier access to the large upper deck, engine access through a firewall panel, and easy removal of engine and main gearbox cowlings are among the H160’s innovations.


Customer-centric economics

The H160’s economic competitiveness is based on three pillars: low fuel consumption, optimized maintenance costs, and faster cruise speeds when compared to other helicopters in its class.

Fuel consumption of its two 1,100 shp Arrano 1A turboshaft engines is reduced by 15% compared to the previous class of engines on the same operations. These latest-generation turboshaft power plants combine a highly efficient two-stage centrifugal compressor –developed in the European Clean Sky program – with new-design variable inlet guide vanes (IGV).

End-to-end support and maintenance for the H160 have been optimized to ensure economic efficiency for all operations, and in all missions. Costs are reduced by nearly 15% on “airframe by the hour” and “service by the hour” options.

From offshore transportation and emergency medical services to public services and private/business aviation, the H160 recommended cruise speed above 135 kt. and fast cruise speed at 150 kt. enable the helicopter to complete its missions both rapidly and efficiently.


Sustainable Partner

With a 15% lower fuel consumption compared to previous-generation rotorcraft, the H160 is fully aligned with the aviation sector’s commitment to enhancing its sustainability. The helicopter is certified to operate with 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)/Biofuel. 

Contributing to the H160’s more sustainable operating profile are the distinctive Blue Edge main rotor blades with double-swept tips that reduce blade-vortex interaction for increased aerodynamic efficiency and lower noise levels. The latest version of Airbus’ Fenestron© shrouded tail rotor reduces the H160’s noise footprint while improving performance. Together, they contribute to making the H160 one of the quietest helicopters in its category – reducing perceived sound by 50% compared to helicopters with conventional blades.

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H160 Missions

The multi-mission capabilities of the H160

H160 - HCare initial

H160 Technical Information

Technical description, seating configurations and infographics for the H16

Memorial Hermann Life Flight first in the world to use Airbus H160 for Emergency Medical Services
Memorial Hermann Life Flight® has placed orders for one H160 and four H145s to replace its current fleet of EC145 helicopters. The nationally recognised emergency medical services program will be the first in the world to operate the H160 for helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS).
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Airbus H160 enters into service in the U.S. with PHI Aviation
Airbus has delivered the first H160 in the U.S. to PHI, marking the beginning of H160 operations in the country. This is the first of the initial four H160 helicopters that PHI will operate for offshore transportation in the Gulf of Mexico.
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Airbus announces Canadian H160 type certification
Airbus Helicopters has received Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) type certification of the H160 helicopter, positioning the aircraft type for entry into the Canadian market.
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Airbus Helicopters sees growing demand for H160s in North America
Airbus Helicopters continues to experience a growing demand for H160 helicopters, with more than a dozen H160s already ordered by North American customers to date to fulfill a range of missions.
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The H160 receives EASA approval
Airbus Helicopters’ multi-role twin engine H160 has been granted its type certificate by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), marking a new chapter for the program.
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