Designed with passenger safety and comfort in mind, Airbus’ multi-mission H160 is one of the world’s most technologically advanced helicopters.




Recommended cruise speed 138 kts
Max range with standard fuel tanks 475 NM
Max endurance with standard fuel tanks 4h30
Flight envelope (temperature) -20°C to ISA +37°C limited to 50°C
Max flight altitude 20,000 ft
Hover ceiling IGE 9,300 ft


D-value 51.41 ft
Rotor diameter 43.96 ft
Internal cabin volume up to 257.8 cu.ft


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pliots + up to 12 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 13,338 Ib
Useful load 4,409 Ib
Engine 2 x Safran Helicopter Engines Arrano 1A
Standard fuel tank capacity 2,469 Ib
Takeoff power 955 kW / 1,280 shp



Offshore transportation

12-passenger seating is made up of three rows of four seats. Cabin flexibility provides the possibility to install a stretcher in place of the center row.


Helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS)

Depending on the EMS kit, the cabin can be arranged with one or two stretchers, in longitudinal or transversal positions.


Public services

To meet customer needs, the H160 facilitates cabin layouts and the integration of equipment for maritime search & rescue and aerial law enforcement missions.


Private and business aviation

The H160 can be configured for one to two pilots and up to 10 passengers in applications that meet the high standards of private and business aviation. 

ACH160 inflight Airbus Helicopters


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