Airbus Helicopters, Inc. provides several levels of technical support and resources to ensure the appropriate response to each query or concern.

  • Technical assistance
  • Technical expertise
  • Technical publications
  • 24/7 technical support assistance

All technical requests can be placed online via the eRequests tool on AirbusWorld and tracked online via the Technical Requests Management tool.


Technical assistance


Airbus Helicopters, Inc. has a team of more than 27 skilled and qualified helicopter technical representatives who can be dispatched to customer locations – providing on-the-job training through to troubleshooting.

During the first months of a new rotorcraft’s operation, Airbus Helicopters Inc.’s technical representatives assist customer teams to perform:

  • Troubleshooting and fine -tuning of mechanics, avionics, structures, equipment and hydraulics
  • On-the-job training
  • Consulting

In addition, these technical experts work with Airbus Helicopters’ design office and are responsible for analyzing in-service incidents and responding to complex technical questions.


Technical expertise


Reach out to one of Airbus Helicopters’ technical experts, located around the U.S.

Airbus Helicopters’ teams of technical experts are specialized in each Airbus Helicopters product and platform. In case a customer’s technical representative is unavailable, Airbus Helicopters technical experts are available to assist for any technical need and query. 


24/7 support hotline with HCare


Customers requiring immediate technical assistance can reach a technical expert by calling Airbus Helicopters customer service centers, available 24/7.  All technical requests can be placed online via the eRequests tool on AirbusWorld

The eRequests tool is an interactive, online communication tool for customers who require immediate responses from Airbus Helicopters experts on questions related to support or service. Any kind of request, including technical queries, can be submitted and then tracked online via this tool. 

Free phone call for the United States at +1 800-267-8371

Technical Publications

Providing what our customers need with accurate and complete technical information is essential for efficient and safe operation.


Technical Publications

flight manual, maintenance manuals, and procurement and identification manuals

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